About Tracon:

Tracon is a fictional planet in another universe, far away from earth, moon and sun. Instead of politians and their governments, virtual creators like you and me decide which way our planet will take. If land or water, war or peace, it is your decision.

How does it Work?

Of course, a lot of creators bring a lot of ideas to this project. Our task is to connect all these data to reach our goal: Creating an virtual planet as realistic as possible, called "Tracon", with its own countries, maps, languages and cultures. To exchange our ideas and contributions, we founded "Traconeum" - a platform which will give you a lot of opportunities to present your country to the community. Here, you can discuss about the different aspects of your state, receive the opinion of other members and let you inspire for further work.

Creating a virtual planet together is a quite complicated task. To be a productive network, we need a friendly athmosphere and constructive contributions. To improve the project constantly, we depend on your opinion. If you have questions, critic or suggestions, please contact us via info@traconeum.de.

How can I join?

Actually, we set up a wiki as database for all our ideas. In this Wiki, everyone can register and present their own ideas to the community. Until the wiki will go online, you can send your draft via Mail or Facebook to us


You can start directly in our new wiki!